Economic and Social Council

Someone Else

President of the ECOSOC

Hello! My name is Jeff Person. I am a student at Malmö Borgarskola, and during the time of the conference I will be in my last year of high school. I have and am going to gain valuable experience both as a delegate and as a chair from international MUN conferences in countries like Germany, Denmark, and Italy. As the Deputy Secretary-General of this conference I have been deeply invested in its development and I am very eager to ensure that it becomes a successful, fun conference of high quality that each participant will enjoy and remember.

For Model United Nations of Malmö 2017, I have been fortunate enough to have the position as President of the Economic and Social Council as well, and I look forward to the engaging and fruitful debates we will have, as well as the pleasure of collaborating with this team of chairs.

— Sincerely, Someone